ENTROPY is available for streaming!

The new album is already available at SPOTIFY, YOUTUBE, DEEZER, etc. Add it to your playlists and share it, if you enjoy the music. Thanks in advance!


The "Entropy" album is out now!!

Today is an important day. The date when our fifth full length album is being released. This is a great moment for us to see much of а hard work reach fruition.

Here’s the full album stream.

We would suggest to sit comfortably (preferably in the dark) and tune into this new mesmerizing world of sounds we’ve created. Jump into this mournful journey through the void of afterlife… into nightmarish dystopian world that will eventually be engulfed in entropy and to the collapse of the universe.

If this music resonates with you, gives you something that you’ve missed – please support the labels that are releasing it and share it with your loved ones.

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