Distant Pain Demo Lyrics

Yet Here I Stand

Defeated but not vanquished
My arms surrender but my mind resists
Tormented but serene
My Victory will be over the Time
Wisdom dispels Hate and opens the gates to Grace
From the top of my exile
I contemplate the ruins
Where the insignificant vermin swarm miserably
Wallowing in their mire of hypocrisy,
weakness and meanness
Let’s them degenerate
Solitude will be my Prize
Superiority my Pride
And Time their Demise
Yet here I stand

Regard d’outre Monde

From this side of the Sea
I can see the other Reality
The Beauty hidden behind the World
The Truth of Nature
Where Human is Pure

Aux frontières du Ciel et de la Terre,
Perce mon regard d’outre monde.
S’ouvrent alors les présages d’outre tombe
Où grondent les divines sphères:
Sombrer pour s’envoler

My mind is rising
While my body is dying
At least elevating
Leaving the Lie
Joining the Dark Light

Distant pain

Distant pain of a Black Night
White in ethereal spectres
Blank of all sleep, respite and hope
Immaculate fantoms occured from a lacerated past
Still tearing the Present

Nowhere to hide
No way to find reason
Not eerie,
They are real
Living in my reality

With me they are crying
Screaming in an infinite sadness
Where pain has no boundaries
Distant pain so old, so close...

Ghosts of the Past
Fantoms of Tomorrow

Lyrics written by SN
Music by Ivo Iliev