Second Genesis

Few words about the new album and streaming of the second album track “Second Genesis”.

This album will be something different than our previous CDs. It will only have clean vocals for starters. In a way it will be 60% acoustic, melancholic with surreal dark atmosphere and lyrics that tell a story about a stranded human soul searching to find its place in dystopian world. There will be some BLADE RUNNER type of ambient soundtrack vibes as well similar to the ones on our first album.
The important thing is that this time we try to focus more on the good songwriting. Good songwriting combined with pristine recording that hopefully would give the true audiophile listener enjoyment.
We wanted to create music that compels you to return to it and discover new things. The improvement from the last album in form of maturity and concept is significant. but we'll let you be the judge of that. People who have experienced recently painful departure of close ones/relatives (like us) would hopefully be emotionally bound to it. It's just meant to give different perspective on death and possibly provide a little beam of hope and/or relief. There’s a journey in the afterlife and it ends in rebirth. Hope you will like this song and share it with your loved ones!


Check out DARKFLIGHT's first track from the new album that will be released on the 29th of april 2024 by SYMBOL OF DOMINATION Productions. and AUSTRALIS RECORDS. ALREADY AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER AT SODP's >> BANDCAMP!!

This is how the CD ENTROPY will look in your collection!! More info and samples soon!



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